Chiropractic treatment for Neck and Back Pain, Symptoms of Arthritis, Headaches and Sports Injuries in Exeter, Devon
Treatment is primarily
a safe, and often quite
gentle, manipulation of
the spine and other joints. This allows the parts of
the body that are not
moving properly to do so.
Initial Consultation & Treatment
(allow up to 45 mins)
Initial Consultation & Treatment for
Students & Children under 16
Subsequent Treatment
(allow up to 20 mins)
Subsequent Treatments for Student
& Children under 16
Orthotic Consultation & Fitting incl.
purchase of Orthotic (30 minute

X Rays / Per Region
For an appointment or further details, please contact us on 01392 421700
Heavitree Road Chiropractic Centre, 15 Heavitree Road, Exeter, Devon EX1 2LD


Member of the British Chiropractic Association
General Chiropractic Council Reg No. 00607
Member of the College of Chiropractors
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